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Delivery Policy: 


Free Express Delivery in the United States (For Non-Veterans’ Administration and Government Orders):  The Company will send your Device free of charge via United States Postal Service (USPS) Express Shipping. You will pay for any expedited shipping you request at the time of the transaction if the option is available in your area. After ordering online, you will receive an email confirmation containing your order details, if you provided your email address. We will confirm receipt of your purchase within 24 hours if you provided your email address. We will attempt a welcome call after delivery of the Device.  You will receive an email, if you have provided your email address, with details on how to track the delivery through USPS.
The Company is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages once the Device has been delivered to the USPS by the Company. You must address any issues, concerns, or complaints, or any issues of fees related to insurance claims to the USPS once the Device has left the possession of the Company. We will provide a tracking number to you at the time the package is given to the USPS if you have provided us with your email. Please see the USPS policies found on their website for lost or stolen packages.