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Elevating Veteran Safety: A Guide to Mobile Alert Devices

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Latitude Mobile Alert’s Evidence-Based Approach to Auto-Fall Detection


The following information highlights the Latitude Mobile Alert, a personal emergency response system (PERS), as a safety solution for Veterans. Emphasizing its auto fall detection, custom features, ease of use, and its contribution to enhancing safety within the Veteran community.

The Latitude Mobile Alert

Each year over 1.6 million U.S. adults are treated for injuries resulting from falls, leading to outcomes such as fractures, diminished independence, and even fatalities. (Delahoz & Labrador, 2014). These falls predominantly come from the natural process of aging as well as the presence of obstacles within living spaces. Despite the array of preventative measures available, it remains a reality that falls persist, highlighting the critical role of auto fall-detection devices among senior demographics.


Over 800,000 patients are hospitalized yearly due to a a fall injury.


More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling, usually by falling sideways.


1 out of 5 falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury.

Auto-Fall Detection in Wearable Devices

Utilizing sophisticated fall detection technology, the Latitude Mobile Alert can enable rapid detection and intervention for individuals who have experienced a fall. This technology not only addresses the immediate aftermath of falls, but also the subsequent period until aid arrives. Effectively mitigating both physical and psychological repercussions (Chaudhuri et al., 2014).

This highlights the significance of auto-fall technology integrated into wearable devices. With such technology embedded in the Latitude Mobile Alert, users gain the freedom and assurance to continue living life on their own terms. As well as the reassurance that in the event of a fall where they can’t activate an alert manually, emergency assistance will still be notified. This dual benefit adds an extra layer of security and support, particularly when considering the physical and psychological impacts of a fall.

Promoting Autonomy through Auto-Fall Detection

A central tenet of promoting Veterans’ comfortable aging in place means letting them maintain their daily routines without any disruptions. Moreover, to further soothe the stigmas associated with wearing alert devices, the Latitude Mobile Alert has been meticulously designed. The user-friendly simplicity, attractive design, lightweight construction, and comfortable size, all come together to craft a safety device that can be worn with confidence.

While seniors might perceive the aforementioned stigma attached to products and services aimed at their safety, suggesting that others in their community also adopt the fall detection device can help diminish any unfavorable connotations linked to using safety devices (Chaudhuri et al., 2017). This approach considers the natural camaraderie among Veterans, which has the potential to make them more comfortable with the idea of wearing the device.

Beyond fostering acceptance, the Latitude Mobile Alert extends its impact to economic realms, offering eligible Veterans this invaluable technology at no cost. This gesture not only underscores our commitment but also empowers them to navigate life with renewed confidence and autonomy.

Latitude Mobile Alert Features

Auto-fall detection: Veterans can receive immediate assistance without needing to speak or press a button. 6 Custom Contacts: Veterans enjoy the freedom to choose their preferred emergency contacts, ensuring they’re confident and comfortable with their chosen support network.

  • 911 Emergency: In case of an emergency, Veterans can have 911 or their local emergency services alerted and dispatched.
  • Works on the go: Veterans have the freedom to live, travel nationwide, and engage in their favorite activities, knowing that assistance is available.
  • Smart talk: The device’s two-way talk feature reassures Veterans, affirming that help is en route.
  • Shower safe: Designed to be water-resistant and shower-safe, ensuring safety even during daily routines.


In providing the Latitude Mobile Alert, we present Veterans with an unparalleled safety solution. With a determined focus on autonomy, comfort, and security, this cutting-edge personal emergency response system addresses the pressing need for auto-fall detection in a profound manner (Delahoz & Labrador, 2014). By seamlessly integrating advanced technology, with user-friendly design, it offers not just physical protection, but also peace of mind. This device stands as a testament to our commitment to Veterans’ well-being, allowing them to live their lives with unwavering confidence, unencumbered by safety concerns. In embracing the Latitude Mobile Alert, we embrace a future where Veterans can age gracefully, independently, and with the dignity they rightfully deserve.

Company Details

Contact: Kristen Dibble Phone #: 1-866-205-4872 option 3 Fax: 801-855-7161 Address: 290 S Main Street, Bountiful Utah, 84010 Email: info@golatitude.com Website: www.golatitude.com

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