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Exploring the remarkable features of the Latitude Mobile Alert device that make it an essential safety companion for Veterans. 

For Veterans who have dedicated their lives to serving our country, personal safety remains a top priority. The Latitude Mobile Alert device offers a comprehensive solution specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of Veterans. Packed with features designed to enhance safety, security, and peace of mind, this device empowers Veterans to maintain their independence while ensuring prompt assistance in emergencies. 

Best of all? The Latitude Mobile Alert is available free of charge and paid for by the VA for eligible Veterans. Find your local VA today!

Emergency Button: Instant Access to Help 

The heart of the Latitude Mobile Alert device lies in its user-friendly emergency button. With a simple press, users can swiftly connect with their designated emergency contacts. When the Veteran cannot press the button due to a fall, the device automatically initiates calls to the custom contacts, ensuring assistance is notified.

6 Custom Emergency Contacts

One of the impressive features of the Latitude Mobile Alert for Veterans is the ability to select the preferred contacts in an emergency. This means that their calls can be directed to loved ones, caregivers, neighbors, or anyone the Veteran feels at ease and confident talking to during an emergency situation. This personalized approach ensures that Veterans have a support network in place that they trust and rely on for immediate assistance.

Automatic Response to Falls with Fall Detection

The Latitude Mobile Alert device also offers fall detection technology, a critical feature for individuals prone to accidents or those with mobility challenges. The device’s built-in sensors can detect sudden falls, automatically triggering an alert to the custom contacts. This proactive response ensures immediate assistance is dispatched, even if the user cannot manually activate the emergency button due to injury or incapacitation. 

Two-Way Voice Communication: Direct Connection for Support 

A standout feature of the Latitude Mobile Alert device is its two-way voice communication capability. This direct line of communication helps users feel supported, calm, and confident during distressing moments.

Water Resistant and Shower Safe 

What truly sets it apart is its shower-safe capability, allowing users to wear the device while taking a shower. With the Latitude Mobile Alert device, users can embrace their daily routines without compromising their safety or the device’s reliability. 

Portability & Convenience: Continuous Protection 

The Latitude Mobile Alert device prioritizes portability, ensuring users can carry it effortlessly wherever they venture. Its compact design allows for easy transportation, enabling uninterrupted protection and security, whether at home or traveling in the United States. 


In conclusion, the Latitude Mobile Alert device is an exceptional safety companion designed with Veterans in mind. Its remarkable features cater to the unique needs of Veterans, providing them with a comprehensive safety net. By integrating the Latitude Mobile Alert device into their daily routines, Veterans can maintain their independence while being reassured that help is just a button press away. This empowers them to embrace life confidently, knowing their safety and security are always prioritized.

It’s time for Veterans to take advantage of this invaluable resource and ensure their well-being is never compromised.

Take the first step today and equip yourself or your loved ones with the Latitude Mobile Alert device – a true lifeline for those who have served our country.

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