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A Salute to Veterans:

Have VA Benefits? You may be eligible to get the Latitude Mobile Alert at no cost to you!

Call 1-866-205-4872 for more details!

How to get your Latitude Mobile Alert: 


Check Eligibility

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria as a Veteran.


Contact Your VA Provider

Get in touch with your VA healthcare provider or designated medical professional.


Request the Device

Request the Latitude USA Mobile Alert device and discuss your specific needs, like living independently, having a fall risk, or seeking extra security. If eligible, you can receive the device at no cost.

How It Works

Fall Detected or Button Pushed

Press the front button on your medical alert for help. In case of a fall, the alert will automatically call. 

Call Sequence Started

The device will call your 6 contacts and send them the device’s location via text message if they have a mobile phone.

Speak Directly with Contacts

If you are able to speak you can then use your device to talk to your contacts through the speaker phone.

Need more info?

Check out our most frequently asked questions.

Do I have to have a cell phone?

No, the Latitude Mobile Alert works completely separately from your personal cell phone. 

Can the device contact 911?

Yes, the device can connect you directly to 911 or your local emergency services.

Are there Veteran benefits?

Yes, we are proud to offer our device to eligible Veterans free of charge.

Learn more here.

How many devices do I have to wear? 

Just 1! Our device is designed to work by itself, no additional wearables are needed for full functionality.

Is the device water-resistant?

Yes, the device is water-resistant and shower safe, allowing you to wear it confidently even in wet environments.

What is your contact info?

Call us toll-free at 1-866-205-4872 or email us at info@golatitude.com.