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Latitude means freedom.

Freedom to be independent and live your life.


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Is this device for you?


Is this device for someone you care for?

Our latest Mobile Alert Device provides freedom to live your life while giving peace of mind to those who matter most.

Advanced Fall Detection

Receive immediate aid without speaking or pressing a button.

On the Go

Freedom to live, travel and do what you love knowing immediate assistance is on the way when needed.

Smart Talk

Two-Way Voice Communication soothes and assures an individual while help is on the way.

6 Custom Contacts

Communicate directly with family, friends, professional caregivers and emergency services.

911 Emergency

Connect directly with 911 Operators when help is needed.

Shower Safe

Water-resistant even in the shower and bath.


I’m grateful to know help would still be on the way even if I couldn’t ask for it.

James K.

Light weight, sleek design and very user friendly.

Raul F

Can’t believe it is ready to go right out of the box.

James L.P.

Great product. Wonderful customer service.

Marilyn L.


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