Latitude Mobile Alert with Advanced Fall Detection

Device starts at $97.00, with monitoring fees based on your subscription choice.

Transparent & simple subscription model: Pay a one-time device fee, choose flexible payments, and access exceptional services. No lingering commitments.


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Introducing the Latitude Mobile Alert – an exceptional device tailored for those who cherish living life on their own terms. What sets this apart is its unique structure, offering a subscription-based model that ensures continuous SIM activation of the device, allowing you to stay connected and safeguarded effortlessly. Did we forget to mention that the Latitude Mobile Alert is so simple to set up?


Advanced Fall Detection: Our device is meticulously designed to promptly and accurately detect falls, prioritizing your safety.

Works on the Go: Enjoy comprehensive protection wherever you are located within the United States.

911 Emergency Services: Seamlessly connect with emergency services whenever the need arises.

24/7 Use: The device remains active around the clock, providing you with unwavering safety and support.

Two-Way Smart Talk: Engage in direct communication through the device, ensuring you’re always within reach.

Shower Safe: Embrace your daily routines without interruption, as our device is designed to be safe for shower use.

Accessories: With the included lanyard, wristband, and charging station, stay protected at home or during your journeys.

Pricing Plans:

Select from our convenient pricing plans, each featuring a one-time device fee of $97, allowing you to access the Latitude Mobile Alert’s exceptional services.

For only $27/month, enjoy the ease of affordable monthly installments.

Opt for our quarterly plan at $73 per quarter, benefiting from a 10% savings.

Simplify your payments with our annual plan priced at $274/year, and save 15% while ensuring continuous protection.

We understand that complex payment plans and hidden fees can cause confusion and frustration, which is why our subscription-based model offers transparency and simplicity. With a straightforward device fee and flexible payment options, you can enjoy peace of mind and immediate access to our exceptional services without any lingering financial commitments.

The Latitude Mobile Alert empowers seniors to embrace life on their terms while upholding their safety. Stay connected, stay protected – effortlessly.

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