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As our loved ones grow older, keeping them safe becomes more important. One great way to do this is with the Latitude Mobile Alert Device. This device has many features that help seniors stay safe and give their families peace of mind. Let’s look at each feature and see how it helps.

Auto Fall Detection

Falls are a big risk for older people. Sometimes, they can’t get up or call for help. The Latitude device has Auto Fall Detection. It can sense when someone falls. When it detects a fall, it initiates a call sequence to preprogramed contacts. This way, help can come quickly, even if the person cannot call for it themselves. This feature can be a real lifesaver.

Works Nationwide with GPS

The Latitude device works all over the country. It has GPS, which means it can pinpoint the person’s location. Seniors can travel or go for walks without worrying. If they need help, their location can be found quickly. This gives them the freedom to live and travel while still staying safe.

Effortless Communication

It has a built-in speaker and microphone. Seniors can talk through the device. They don’t need to find a phone or remember numbers. It’s simple and quick, which is very helpful in emergencies.


Many accidents happen in the bathroom. The Latitude device is water-resistant. This means it can be worn in the shower. Seniors don’t have to take it off when bathing. They stay protected at all times. This feature helps prevent bathroom accidents from becoming serious problems.

Tailored Contacts

Every person is different. The Latitude device lets you set up to six custom contacts. These can be family members, friends, or a monitoring service. When help is needed, the device contacts these people first. This personalization makes sure the right people are notified. It helps in getting the best care quickly.

Lightweight & Wearable

No one wants to wear something heavy or bulky. The Latitude device is lightweight and easy to wear. Seniors can wear it around their neck, on a belt clip, or an arm band. It’s comfortable and doesn’t get in the way. This makes it simple and easy wear it all the time, which keeps the user safer.

Simple Safety

In conclusion, the Latitude Mobile Alert Device offers simple safety for seniors. Its many features, like Auto Fall Detection, GPS tracking, easy communication, water resistance, custom contacts, and lightweight design, all work together to keep seniors safe and give families peace of mind.

Keeping our loved ones safe is a top priority. The Latitude device is a great tool to help achieve this. It’s easy to use and packed with features that provide security and freedom for seniors. With the Latitude device, you can feel confident that your loved ones are protected, no matter where they are.

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