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Veterans’ #1 Trusted

Medical Alert Device

  • Auto Fall Detection

  • Wear it Nationwide

  • Water Resistant

  • No Additional Fees

  • No-Cost to Veterans*

*Must be eligible through VA Benefits


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How to get your Mobile Alert

Check Eligibility
Confirm eligibility with your VA healthcare provider.

Visit your VA Facility
Visit a VA hospital/medical provider and express interest in the Latitude Medical Alert

Receive Device
Your VA will order the Latitude Medical Alert and have it shipped directly to you. Our team will then be in contact to help program your contacts & provide any additional assistance. 

The process may differ by VA facility; our guidelines are general. Follow your VA healthcare provider’s instructions for accuracy.

Veteran Device Features

Auto Fall Detection

Receive immediate aid without speaking or pressing a button.

6 Custom Contacts

Communicate directly with family, friends, and emergency services.

911 Emergency

Have 911 emergency services dispatched in case of an emergency.

On the Go

Freedom to live, travel and do what you love knowing assistance is always there.

Smart Talk

Two-way voice talk assures an individual that help is on the way.

Shower Safe

Water-resistant and safe to shower with. Device should not be submerged in water.

Getting Started with your Mobile Alert

What’s Included

  • Device

  • Charging Station

  • Wall Plug

  • USB to USB-C Cable

  • Lanyard

  • Quick Start Guide

  • If you added a Belt Clip or Arm Band this will be included as well.

Veteran Needing more Info?

Check out our most frequently asked questions.

Do I have to have a cell phone?

No, the Latitude Mobile Alert works completely separately from your personal cell phone. 

Can the device contact 911?

Yes, the device can connect you directly to 911 or your local emergency services.

Are there monthly fees for Veterans?

No, the device is completely free of charge to eligible Veterans with no further fees.

How to Veteran contacts work?

For our Veterans, we offer 6 custom contacts. They get to choose who they want to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Is the device water-resistant?

Yes, the device is water-resistant and shower safe, allowing you to wear it confidently even in wet environments.

What does the device come with?

Every device comes with a charging station, lanyard, belt clip, and quick start guide.


Easy to Use

Device is activated upon auto-detected fall or by pressing the help button. 

Enhances Independence

Empowers freedom with instant assistance for confident, self-reliant living. 

Peace of Mind

Constant access to aid brings reassurance to Veterans and their care support.

Latitude means freedom.

Freedom to be independent and live your life.

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