Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Warranty?

1 Year Limited Warranty.

What accessories does the device come with?

  • Every device comes with its own charging station.
  • We gift every customer a lanyard and belt clip. Some models include a wrist band.

Can anyone call into the device?

No. This block mitigates robocalls and all other unwarranted calls. You can have up to 6 emergency contacts. That includes 911. However, each device is blocked from all callers except Emergency Contacts. That means 911 would be able to receive the call but unable to call the device back. If you want Emergency Dispatch to be able to call the device, please add your Local Emergency Dispatch number instead of 911.

Advanced Fall Detection

Receive immediate aid without speaking or pressing a button.

On the Go

Freedom to live, travel and do what you love knowing immediate assistance is on the way when needed.

Smart Talk

Two-Way Voice Communication soothes and assures an individual while help is on the way.

6 Custom Contacts

Communicate directly with family, friends, professional caregivers and emergency services.

911 Emergency

Connect Directly with 911 Operators when help is needed.

Shower Safe

Water-resistant even in the shower and bath.


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